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we're lightyears away

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NO I DON'T FEEL FINE. You're making me sick and I can't even look at you without turning all dead inside. It's your fault that I'm not happy all the time, YOUR FAULT. Why can't you see that your words hurt, that your actions and your thoughts hurt ? No I'm not weak, you're just to strong. You just don't belong, you're in a different league. Maybe we weren't right, not even from the start. Gah, Jag står inte ut. We're in our own worlds, lightears away from each other. Why can't you just go and hide, or turn up nice for once ?

The sad thing about you is that you're not always that mean person that you often tend to be. Sometimes you're the only one that I wan't to meet one day. Cause sometimes you're the only one that can make me happy, the one that can make me laugh and open myself up a little bit more than before. It's your strenght, which also affects your worst days and sides, that really pushes me in the right direction if I really let you to. You just need to control yourself. And so have I. Cause it's not just your fault, I've got something to do with this aswell. I'm sorry. I don't want to hate you, but you're the only one who don't see the very fine lines between right and wrong so you're the only one that I have a reason to hate. Thanks for being that person I might say, because I've heard it's healthy to let your anger out and not let it all stay inside.

Ibland får jag inte ut mina tankar på svenska, eller typ aldrig. Bara på engelska. Det kanske blir osammanhängande och oförståeligt, men det jag skriver känner jag just när jag skriver orden och då blir det som det blir. Jag orkar inte ens läsa igenom det, det får vara som det är. Det blir bäst och mer genuint på det viset liksom.
Annars gick ju båda nationella proven i engelska bra idag, inte alls särskilt svårt. Bara för det visar väl resultatet bara någonting negativt, dessvärre brukar det ju blir så. Imorgon ska jag se min kära Timo performa.
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